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At Crafthome we believe that the best home renovations are born from great relationships between contractors and homeowners. We're here to help create and foster these relationships so you can turn your house into your home.

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Learn how to renovate

Home renovation should be easy and possible for all homeowners, regardless of experience or level of knowledge. Crafthome will help you plan, budget, and avoid major pitfalls in your renovation project so that you can make the right improvements to your home.

Be confident in your renovation

Crafthome helps you find a contractor through their bids, timelines, and ratings. After you find the ideal contractor, we will guide you through the process of setting expectations and milestones with your contractors so that you can be in control of your renovation project. set expectations with your contractors.

Manage your project with ease

Renovation is a complicated and often disorganized process. Crafthome offers an all-in-one management tool that tracks your budget, progress, and important documents in a single platform

Don’t settle for okay

Don’t let tight budgets or design constraints stop you from creating your dream home. Crafthome helps you find the perfect design while keeping your project within your budget.

Our Solution

Management Platform

Take the stress out of organizing your home renovation project and ensure that you and your contractor are on the same page with Crafthome’s seamless project management platform. Just input the details of your project and Crafthome will organize the details of your renovation (budgets, quotes, line item tasks, etc). No more binders, complicated spreadsheets or lost paperwork! Everything you need will be right there on your Crafthome dashboard.